Goal for New Defibrillator machine for Canterbury Hospital – KAA Australia Major Sponsor

KAA Australia and its team have decided to help the community and charities to achieve their goals.

KAA Australia was a major sponsor for the Canterbury Hospital defibrillator fundraiser.

$15,000 was successfully raised for the machine at the fundraiser on Sunday the 29th September 2013.

The defibrillator will assist patients in emergency heart situations.

KAA would like to thank Dockside Group, the other major sponsor, for the night.

Canterbury Hospital representatives at the fundraiser were:

  • Ann Kelly (General Manager and OAM),
  • Kiel Harvey (Director of Corporate Services at Canterbury Hospital),
  • Hayley Sciuriaga (Acting Director of Nurses & Midwifery Services)

Deputy Mayor for Canterbury Council – Karl Saleh was also in attendance as well as Helen Gialouris a

previous employee and avid supporter of Canterbury Hospital.

A big thank you to all the local businesses who made donations and to everyone who attended, in particular to Mr. Peter and Mrs. Vicki Kazacos from Your Angel Foundation for their significant contribution.

KAA Australia supports charities and raises funds for beneficial community causes.