Have a Healthy and Prosperous 2017

Thank you to all our loyal clients. We wish to pass on our gratitude and well wishes for the year ahead.


Remember to take some time to set your goals for the year ahead.

First and foremost, for your health and the health of your family. What changes will you make this year towards improving your health? What changes can you make to your diet and exercise habits? How can you improve your mindset?

What makes you happy? How can you improve your lifestyle and make more time for your family and friends? How can you improve your thoughts to find more peace, gratitude and overall happiness? What steps can you take this year to improve your future financial position?


Planning the year ahead on financial matters should include:

* Cash flow Forecasting

* Investments strategy

* Business improvements

* Tax Planning and Forecasting

* Finance and Funding

By planning and forecasting your financial matters, you are better able to influence and take control of your outcomes. This focuses the mind and your behaviour and better clarifies what you really want. It allows you to assess what efforts and resources will be required to achieve your desired outcomes.

KAA Australia are here to help.

Whether it is assistance with Business Advisory, Tax Planning & Advice, Finance, Investment Advice, Accounting & Tax Services, Asset Protection & Structuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Sales, Capital Raising, Forecasting and Planning – just to name a few – always feel free to pick up the phone and get some help.

Our goal is to ensure you achieve your goals.

As always we appreciate your work and your referrals.

Kostas Augerinos

Managing Director/Founder

KAA Australia