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Are you tired of being with an accountant who doesn’t listen to you, understand your needs or help you achieve the financial outcomes you deserve?

Are you looking for greater financial choice, an improved lifestyle and the ability to retire comfortably when the time comes?

Are you interested in the right strategies for the growth of your business?

You have come to the right place!

Who are we?

Our Mission Statement:

“KAA Australia is a team of financial experts who are passionately committed to providing exceptional results for individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs.”

Our goal is your personal financial and business success. When your business profits increase, you get to spend more time with your family and have the lifestyle you long for.

We can help you with specific advice tailored to your unique situation. Our experience, qualifications and 20 year proven track record will make all the difference to your outcomes!

What services do we offer you?

* Accounting

* Taxation

* Advisory

* Business Solutions

* Finance

* Capital

* Investment

* Education

Here is why we are different at KAA Australia:

1. We can take individuals from getting by to flying high.

2. We take the stress out of your financials with our one-stop shop financial services. Simply browse our website to learn about all the services we offer you.

3. We believe in customer experience not customer service. What’s the difference? Our philosophy is to deliver great value through your experience with us. We genuinely want the best financial results for our clients.

4. We have the proven track-record to back ourselves. Don’t take my word for it, read what our clients have to say about us.

5. We don’t charge for emails and phone calls like other accounting firms. We believe in VALUE-add for every client. We have also created e-Books and a monthly Newsletter for our clients to give financial information that can make a positive difference.

Your financial options really matter. We want to help you achieve the financial success you really deserve!

Message to you from me – I want to help you achieve your financial goals!

Why I want to help people achieve their financial dreams?

After 4 years as a taxation and business specialist at KPMG, servicing some of the largest blue chip companies in Australia, I finally found my calling. In 1998, I founded KAA Australia. I could see the frustration of many people who were not getting the right advice from advisors. This was costing them time and money. Plus they were getting stressed and unhappy. The reason KAA was founded was to deliver real results for people wanting to achieve their dreams. Unlike most accounting firms, KAA offers business services and financial solutions that focus on improving the financial wealth of individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs of any size.

Pick up the phone today and call the number at the top of this screen. It is often said that the Universe rewards those who take action, so take the action NOW to create the positive change you really deserve for your financial future.

You know it’s time. I look forward to meeting you in person for a gourmet coffee, biscuits and chocolates in our friendly offices to give you the financial peace of mind that you deserve.

Additional insight into HOW KAA helps transform financial outcomes for people…

KAA is a hub for all your financial needs as a Business Owner/Entrepreneur!

KAA Australia is a hub/resource centre for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and those who aspire to become business owners and entrepreneurs.

Each service area of KAA Australia provides you with necessary and value adding solutions and services for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Accounting/Tax/Advisory: Kostas Augerinos and Associates are tax agents, ASIC agents and accountants who will assist you for all of your accounting, taxation compliance, corporate structuring and business advisory needs.

Finance: KAA Finance are ASIC licensed finance brokers and finance advisers who will assist you with your finance needs.

Investment: KAA Entrepreneurs Group is a Group of like minded high wealth individual investors who look for opportunities to invest in businesses and projects that represent good returns for a reasonable and manageable level of risk.

Capital: KAA Venture Capital is a company that focuses on identifying and conducting due diligence on businesses and projects that have a high level of certainty of growth and capability to deliver this growth. It delivers capital on behalf of investors when the opportunity meets the criteria of these investors. KAA Capital is the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence.

Education: Entrepreneurs Academy is a resource centre for all who are interested in improving their business mindset, business and personal skills and their overall financial performance, whether they be currently business owners and entrepreneurs, or those who would like to be.