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We are a team of financial experts who are personally committed to providing exceptional results for individuals, businesses, and enterpreneurs.


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Who we are?

We are Venture Capital investors who provide funding for your business growth or property opportunity.

Who we help?

KAA Venture Capital generally seeks to invest funds into Business Ventures/Property Opportunities as follows:

  • Proven track record and business experience of parties
  • Defined exit strategy for investors
  • Businesses with more than 3 years trading history and sales revenue greater than $5M
  • Property opportunities with internal rate of return greater than 25% per annum.

How we can help?

KAA Venture Capital (“KAAVC”) invests where they see passion, commitment and outstanding people.

While focus, skills, talent and experience of the Entrepreneur all play a role in any success story, a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of the investment proposal by KAAVC, will greatly improve the probability of success.

Ultimately, KAAVC only invests where they see a high potential return on money.

KAAVC, when investing, delivers the following:

  • Investment Funds for your business or property opportunity
  • Financing
  • High quality advice and assistance

Support services including accounting, taxation, marketing, networks, business and strategic plans, organisational development, reporting systems, value added board support, education and business consulting.

What does it cost to work out whether my business is eligible for Funding?

No initial cost to find out your eligibility.


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