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We are a team of financial experts who are personally committed to providing exceptional results for individuals, businesses, and enterpreneurs.


We facilitate your funding
and finance requirements.


KAA Finance are specialists in Development Finance.

What makes KAA Finance the right finance brokers for you?

KAA Finance has an excellent track record of delivering property development finance and construction finance to the Australian Property Market since 1998.

KAA Finance has extensive experience in structuring, pre-planning and setting up the optimum finance strategies for your property development finance and construction finance.We are accredited with all the first and second tier lenders as well as private lenders and private equity.

KAA Finance also focus on the details of asset protection, risk management, reducing security levels and guarantees, dealing with financial information and pre-sale levels, and taking into account any future finance requirements you may have in relation to future development sites that you may be planning, at the same time.

What does this mean to you?

Our focus is on achieving your goals!

* Getting the finance you need for your project
* Maximising your Returns on Equity
* Maximising your Profits
* Minimising your Interest rates and Establishment fees
* Improving your Cash flow
* Focusing on your Wealth Creation Strategies
* Attending to the details which ensure your Success
* Minimising Time Frames – to allow you to get to your next project sooner
* Giving you Peace of Mind that you receive the Service Levels you desire and that your matters will be professionally handled
* Maintaining Confidentiality and reducing your stress levels
* Focusing on Your Growth Strategies
* Achieving Your Retirement Plan

KAA Finance has been built around a corporate culture of honesty, loyalty, confidentiality and focusing on the client’s goals, high service levels, and fast delivery of outcomes.
We believe in constant improvement in systems, procedures and relationships with clients and financial institutions.

With the support of KAA Australia, we also have immediate access to Accounting, Taxation, Structuring, Advisory, Development, Property and Funding specialists who assist with improving the outcomes for your property development and construction finance.

Optimise your prospects of achieving the Property Development Finance and Construction Finance that you need for the Success of your project.

Call KAA Finance today on (02) 9299 2555 and book in a meeting with our managing director Mr. Kostas Augerinos.