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We are a team of financial experts who are personally committed to providing exceptional results for individuals, businesses, and enterpreneurs.


Get to the next level
with private equity

KAA Capital Pty Ltd focuses on providing equity to property developers, business owners and property owners.

Why Use Private Equity?

  • Additional Equity– allows you to access rapid growth potential in your market, not otherwise accessible.For your business, this may mean growth towards a very rewarding and well priced trade sale or an IPO.

    In the property market, growth from additional equity can mean completing many more developments in a given time frame, while the market is providing profitable opportunities.

  • Additional Strategic Resources – allow you to access additional strategic resources along with the private equity. Investors in your opportunity will assist with expert assistance, analysis, risk management, asset protection, systems, contacts, leads, financial diligence and ongoing strategic assistance to help ensure your projected financial outcomes are achieved and/or further improved.
  • Accessing Expert Advice – private equity investors will bring expert advice and consultants, along with the money. This assistance can often radically improve your potential financial outcomes.