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Do you have the right
advisor as part of your team?

There comes a time in the growth of your enterprise when, to keep it running smoothly and growing profitably, you need to focus on strategic planning and to seek professional business advice. Or, put another way, you can no longer avoid it.

It’s a fact that many business operators don’t document their organisation’s intended future. As a result, no-one’s quite sure how it will get there. For those who resist the need for solid planning, advice and structuring, frequently it doesn’t get there. The high rate of business and personal financial failure rate is an unfortunate testimony to the sad, and often unnecessary, fact.

At Kostas Augerinos & Associates, we’re all about making sure you do get there, wherever you want “there” to be.

Every business should have clear and concise business, marketing and strategic plans. These are tools that define your organisation’s destination, and plot its course towards that destination.

The difference in financial outcome between the business that – takes professional advice and creates and follows a strategic plan – and the one that doesn’t – is enormous.

All publicly – listed blue chip organisations consider their business and strategic plans their daily operating blue print. Owners and directors of long-term financially successful Small and Medium Enterprises consider such a blueprint no less important.

Likewise, every business owner should have a Life Plan. You went into business for a reason. Whether it was to give you more time, more money to achieve your life goals, or both. To ensure your business and investments reward you in a way they should; you need profitable synergy between your business and personal goals.

At Kostas Augerinos & Associates, we ensure that your business and investment strategies are built on strong foundations, that they grow in an orderly and profitable manner, and that it gives you – not robs you of – what you want and deserve in life.

The specific services of Kostas Augerinos & Associates’ Advisory Services Division include:

  • High Growth Strategies
  • Business, Market and Strategic Plans
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Personal and Business Investment Strategies
  • Benchmarking and Key Performance Indicator Setting
  • Clarification on Exit Strategies
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Business and Investment Feasibilities and Evaluation
  • Advice on Buying, Selling or Merging Businesses
  • Debt Management Services
  • Business Recovery Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Raising Capital Services
  • Finance Advice
  • Financial Management Advice
  • Business Structures and Corporate Re-organisation
  • Contract Viability, Negotiation and Tender Preparation
  • Investor Ready Programs
  • Organisational Development
  • Assistance with Research and Development Tax Incentives and Government Grants
  • Business Networking and Mentoring
  • Business Consulting and Education
  • Business Performance Reviews
  • Management Control Systems
  • Board of Directors support services