Make Your Time Count! 8 Tips to Help You.

To maximise your time and to get the best results for yourself, here are some useful tips:

1. Keep a Daily TO DO list to give yourself a daily EDGE. Your list will assist you to know and keep track of what tasks need your attention.

In this way you will not forget anything urgent or important.

2. Set goals for yourself. Knowing what your targets are in advance can assist you to work diligently towards them.

3. Have a Plan. To work towards your goals, you will need a plan to get there. If you are in doubt, ask for assistance from a financial or business advisor for example.

4. Keep a diary for your appointments and stick to your appointments as much as possible.

5. Understand market trends. What are your competitors doing? What more do you need to do to improve your skills to increase your time-management and productivity?

6. Set Deadlines. Align your action plan with your time line targets.

7. Take some time out. Make some time for relaxation, catching up with your contacts and attending networking events.

You’ll be surprised how much progress you can make just by stepping back and getting a clearer picture of your next action steps.

8. Be open-minded. Learn to become a sponge and listen out for advice that can help you move forward at a faster pace.

As you learn and apply what you learn more effectively, you will maximise your outcomes.

Your time used effectively will assist you to increase your focus, your results and your overall happiness.

As you become better at focusing on what really matters in your life, you will become a better performer and increase your satisfaction.

Sticking to your appointments, giving people your full attention in the time you have agreed upon will improve your outcomes and build your trustworthiness.

To your financial prosperity,

Kostas Augerinos

Managing Director/Founder

KAA Australia