Importance of Work/Life Balance

The Laws of Nature always tend towards balance. Long life and good health is all about balance and moderation.

Life is about experiencing as often as possible happiness, joy, love, laughter and fulfillment.

Acknowledging the balance you need to find in your life will help you with experiencing this as often as possible.

Achieving a work/life balance is an important component to doing this.

Why is life balance important?

When your life is well-organised you feel happier and more energised. You accomplish more at a faster pace. You focus on the right things.

What does it mean to focus on the right things?

The right things are the goals that are important to you. To achieve your goals you need to know what you want and have a plan to get there.

Have a clear vision of the life that you want. Prioritise your daily tasks so as to bring you closer to your goals.

Create lists to help you effectively organise your time.

Serenity and Happiness

Being calm and focused helps create serenity and happiness. Living your life according to your highest values brings joy.

As you focus on achieving the right things in your life, your confidence will increase.

Learn to Eliminate

To achieve greater balance in your life, you need to let go of certain things.

Eliminate things in your life that you don’t want. As you make room for more of what you do want, you will attract those things.

Learn to Delegate

To increase your work/life balance, learn to delegate. Reduce the time you spend on low-value adding items. Can you delegate to members in your team who can help you?

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Be guided by your inner voice. Make time for recreation and quality time with important people in your life.

Do things that bring you joy

Identify the things that bring you joy. To maintain a healthy and happy life, spend time identifying your goals and aspirations.

Practise taking strategic action to reach goals to increase your joy.

Plan Your Day Ahead

Make your life easier by planning your days ahead. Create lists and schedule time for holidays and recreation.

The better you become at planning your days, the more you will get done. You will also become clearer on the tasks that are high-value adding.

Revise your list daily. Rate your tasks from very important, to not important at all. Delegate or eliminate tasks where you can.

Balance is something that you can achieve when you develop the right habits. As you repeat the right behaviours, over time you will begin to see the results.


All the best in achieving the balance you deserve in your life.

Kostas Augerinos

Managing Director/Founder

KAA Australia