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5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful Entrepreneurs have 5 main qualities that help them achieve their goals. 1. Focus your Energies Think about your most important goals. Create a list of priorities. What single goal if you achieved it would bring you greater happiness and … Continued

How do I manage my money better?

Managing your money well is a key to financial prosperity and wealth creation. As you develop and apply the right habits towards your money, you will attract more money in your life. 3 Useful Tips to help you manage your … Continued

Taxation/Corporate Structuring

We are quickly approaching 30 June, end of financial year. June is always a good month for undertaking a review of your taxation/corporate structures, so that you can get your new structures in place before the start of the new … Continued

Business Planning

Now is the time to – take some time out! Thinking time for planning and formulating your business strategies can help ensure that in the future, you can look back and say you have had – 20 years of business … Continued

How and Why you need to have good leadership skills

Leadership skills are fundamental to any Business Manager/Business Owner or Entrepreneur. If you manage any number of staff these are skills that you must have. Benefits of Good Leadership Skills: 1) Improve your financial outcomes/rewards 2) Building an effective business … Continued