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Wealth Creation Principles e-Book has launched. Download your FREE copy NOW!

This month’s focus is on Wealth Creation Principles. We are happy to announce the launch of the Wealth Creation Principles e-Book that you can now download on the kaaa.com.au website under the Resources section. When you download your FREE e-Book … Continued

5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful Entrepreneurs have 5 main qualities that help them achieve their goals. 1. Focus your Energies Think about your most important goals. Create a list of priorities. What single goal if you achieved it would bring you greater happiness and … Continued

How do I manage my money better?

Managing your money well is a key to financial prosperity and wealth creation. As you develop and apply the right habits towards your money, you will attract more money in your life. 3 Useful Tips to help you manage your … Continued

What advantages do you have of going to an accountant than doing your own tax return?

1) What advantages do you have of going to an accountant than doing your own tax return? Completing your own tax return can appear simple at first. However, there are many benefits to using an accountant. What you don’t know … Continued

Continual Education and Learning in Business

The most successful entrepreneurs commit to constantly updating their skills and knowledge. Dedicate Yourself to Learning Your ability to expand and stretch your mind through learning will help you become more successful. The greater your initiative to improve your mindset, … Continued

Taxation/Corporate Structuring

We are quickly approaching 30 June, end of financial year. June is always a good month for undertaking a review of your taxation/corporate structures, so that you can get your new structures in place before the start of the new … Continued

Looking To Raise Finance?

Remember that KAA Finance is here to help you! We have been assisting our clients with their finance requirements since 1999. Our focus is to ensure that the clients of KAA Finance get the lowest interest rates possible for your … Continued