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How do I manage my money better?

Managing your money well is a key to financial prosperity and wealth creation. As you develop and apply the right habits towards your money, you will attract more money in your life. 3 Useful Tips to help you manage your … Continued

Continual Education and Learning in Business

The most successful entrepreneurs commit to constantly updating their skills and knowledge. Dedicate Yourself to Learning Your ability to expand and stretch your mind through learning will help you become more successful. The greater your initiative to improve your mindset, … Continued

What’s new for KAA Entrepreneurs Group and KAA Venture Capital.

We are actively working towards building the KAA Entrepreneurs Group and KAA Venture Capital modules on our website. These newly designed modules will be released in the coming months. So what can you expect to see? 1. KAA Entrepreneurs Group … Continued

Taxation/Corporate Structuring

We are quickly approaching 30 June, end of financial year. June is always a good month for undertaking a review of your taxation/corporate structures, so that you can get your new structures in place before the start of the new … Continued