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What’s new for KAA Entrepreneurs Group and KAA Venture Capital.

We are actively working towards building the KAA Entrepreneurs Group and KAA Venture Capital modules on our website. These newly designed modules will be released in the coming months. So what can you expect to see? 1. KAA Entrepreneurs Group … Continued

Sales Plan Items – CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE – Tips for Improving Customer Satisfaction

In providing your customers with excellent service – you need to start with customer satisfaction. What do your customers want from you? What will satisfy your customer’s needs? A short-list would include, amongst other things: Supply of a product or … Continued

Looking To Raise Finance?

Remember that KAA Finance is here to help you! We have been assisting our clients with their finance requirements since 1999. Our focus is to ensure that the clients of KAA Finance get the lowest interest rates possible for your … Continued

Business Planning

Now is the time to – take some time out! Thinking time for planning and formulating your business strategies can help ensure that in the future, you can look back and say you have had – 20 years of business … Continued

8 Strategies for Revenue Growth in Your Business

The more strategic your approach to revenue growth, the more likely your sales will grow over the medium to longer term. The 8 Strategies below will help you produce significant results in your business. 1. Focus on Sales Think about … Continued